* #TRANSPARENCYMOMENT * Over the past few days I have been ever aware of the #metoo hashtag. I found comfort, hope and healing in reading everyone’s story. Each is unique but the pain is the same. Unfortunately I remember the day that my outlook on women and sex changed forever. My mother was a heroin addict had been one from the time I could remember, but this day was different, this day she did not have any money to pay her dealer for her next high, and on that day I became her currency. The dealers and the pimps did not care that I was a child, they all were getting what they wanted and more and my mother did not have the capacity to care because to alleviate and obliterate her pain she placed me in pain. On that day I learned that women cannot be trusted and sex was just a means to an end, I was 5 years old. Long after we were taken from my mother, my abuse continued. It was always from the people who was supposed to have your best interest, but it was always to their best interest. I was 16 when my abuse finally stopped, I threatened to expose my abuser to his wife, family and colleagues and that was the end. However it would take over 20 years to stop blaming myself, to love myself and to face the hard fact that I had to take of me. In order for me to begin the process of healing I had to rip the badges off, expose everything and allow healing to happen properly. I am grateful that I can now speak on this without having a complete breakdown. If telling my story helps just one person tells theirs or begin the process of healing, I am grateful.

Message – Always be KIND! Everyone has a story, a journey and a past!