* #TRANSPARENCYMOMENT * I was listening to Yolanda’s version of Is Your All on the Altar, while I’m doing some food prep for a cookout. Is Your all on the Altar has always been a favorite of mine but I could never pin point why. So, as I’m prepping for God showed me a moment when I was about 3-4 yrs old and I was setting to the landing part of my grandmother’s steps, my mother was sitting next to me and there was a group of people at the house. This was one of the times my mom was not high and we were all singing. I remember her asking me to sing my song, I closed my eyes and started singing and when I was done and opened my eyes everyone was crying, and my mom bent over to me and said please promise me you will never let no one take that away from you. In my memories of childhood, the bad surely outweighs the good, but God knew I needed to see that moment.

When I look back on the past 10yrs, it has been taken. I have been battered, bruised and betrayed by those who say they cared but it was just a smokescreen for their own agendas. I just don’t have the same joy of ministering or even singing for that matter, and honestly, I don’t even know how to get back to that place. But it’s a journey that I’m slowly embarking on.

My message – be careful of how you treat people because you will have to answer for your part in their delay in reaching their purpose. Be kind because you really don’t know that person’s story or journey.💔💔💔