BrokenWholeMine did back in April!

It was a painful experience and lesson to learn. Why had I gone through and still going through the craziness within my world? I had taken my eyes off the prize. I had become sidetracked yet again by what others needed and wanted; how to make them happy and to build them again to my own detriment.

So God had to allow my bottom to fall out and I then had to realize that He is my source and the one I needed to please was Him and no one else.

We wear so many hats within our life; but we can’t forget that we belong to Him and every aspect of our life has to be a reflection on Him.

It was then I had to understand The Strength of Brokenness.

In order to use men and women to their fullest extent, the Lord has to break His servants so that they might have a new kind of strength that is not human in origin. It is strength in spirit that is born only through brokenness.

When we are broken, we see the frailty of human strength and come to grips with the reality that we can do nothing in our own strength. Then, new strength emerges that God uses mightily. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Do not fear brokenness, for it may be the missing ingredient to a life that emerges with a new kind of strength and experience not known before. Pray for a broken and contrite heart that God can bless.

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